Our Lamb

Kalos Farms is family owned and operated; our farm is committed to the production of healthy, delicious food without the use of hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. We go beyond organic, incorporating management intensive grazing methods (daily rotation to fresh pasture) for our livestock, pasturing or free ranging all poultry and raising all our sheep on a ration of alfalfa pellets and natural grass hay, along with their own pastures to graze on throughout the day.. Our goal is to provide a gourmet quality, healthy alternative to industrialized food.

Our livestock is strictly raised on grass – we don't use any chemicals or growth hormones. The result? Superior lamb meat unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

We raise 100% grass-fed lamb meat.  We believe pasture raised is absolutely, without a doubt, better for the animals, better for the environment, better for your health — which is better for you!

We make a commitment to you to NOT use pesticides on our land and to use NO grain, animal byproducts, antibiotics or hormones.

Our lambs grow naturally on Texas Grasslands. The warm summers of the south result in outstanding pastures that produce premium, lean lamb in a healthy environment. They live in the open air and sunshine. We do not confine our livestock to stalls, on concrete or in feedlots. Quality of life for our animals is one of our main values.

When you buy from Kalos Farms you support environmentally friendly, sustainable agriculture, healthy, relaxed animals and the rapidly disappearing family farm. Please give us a call at 903-364-2401 or email us at David@kalosfarms.com if you have any questions! we love to hear from you!